Dachau Concentration Camp

Just a half hour drive from the centre of Munich in Germany (the official capital of the Nazi Movement) you will find a small town known as Dachau. For the locals however, Dachau will never just be a quiet town but will always be remembered as a horrific concentration camp.

Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau concentration camp was set in place in 1933, making it the earliest running concentration camp to be set in motion during World War II. Most concentration camps were set up as places for victims to slave under hard labour and Dachau was this exactly.

In addition to victims dying of exhaustion, hunger; freezing in the cold winters and diseases, human medical experiments also took place here.


Dachau Concentration Camp

Prisoners sleeping bunks

At full capacity Dachau could hold 6,000, but the amount of prisoners found on liberation day was 32,000.

You can come and experience this Dachau Concentration Camp yourself, at the memorial site. I highly recommend not missing this history lesson. Plan to spend about 4 hours here.

Dachau Concentration Camp

Museum of the memorial site in the original concentration camp buildings

Tickets can be bought at the memorial site office and reservations are not necessary. Be prepared for a small car parking fee.

Tours are conducted in languages such as German, English and Spanish at varying times and last about 3 hours.

Photographs can be taken anywhere on site and keep in mind that children under 12 are not permitted to visit this memorial site.


Dachau Concentration Camp

The Old Crematorium, where approximately 11,000 prisoners were cremated.

We took a guided tour at Dachau Concentration Camp for just 3 each and appreciated being shown around while being told stories about what happened in the camp. I believe an equally valid option would be to guide yourself around the memorial site, which is free. Then you can take your time reading the many signs along the way which the guided tour doesn’t allow for.

The museum is very extensive and educational. The signs are in English and German.

Dachau near Munich

At Dachau Concentration Camp there is a small bookshop on site with books printed in different languages and a Café to buy food and drink.

Work Makes You Free

‘Work Makes You Free’

I hope you will take the time to come and learn about this history here at Dachau Concentration Camp. It will be an emotional journey for all ages, religions and cultures.

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