Love Military History? Visit Toledo, Spain.

Dating back to the Roman occupation in 192 BC, Toledo is an old walled city on the edge of the Targus River. It looks like a fortress, and used to be the capital of Spain up until the mid 1500s. The town is fairly touristy in areas, and a day trip would give adequate time to see the main attractions. Read below to find out one of the best parts about Toledo, Spain.

The Alcázar in Toledo, Spain

Getting there

To get to Toledo, take the A-42 motorway from Madrid. Just before entering the main walled city area, turn left at the roundabout to cross the river on a bridge. There is plenty of free parking on the other side of the river, rather than having to pay for parking within the walled city. There is then a ten minute uphill walk to the centre of the city area, which could be strenuous for some but gives nice views and is well worth doing.

The Alcázar, Toledo

We only had a short stop in Toledo for a couple of hours, which only gave us time to see one main attraction. We chose to see The Alcázar, which is a large square castle-style building dating back to the presence of a Roman camp in the 3rd Century. It has magnificent pillars and marble floors, and still contains the original bricks and stones.

The Alcázar in Toledo, Spain

In The Alcazar is the Museo Del Ejercito, which is a large military and history museum. This is a must see if you have any interest in the Spanish Civil War, medieval history, weaponry or armour.

Gun in the Alcázar, Toledo Spain

Growing up, many boys have an interest in guns, knights and castles; if that is you then this place will blow your mind away! The exhibition contains huge collections of armoury, canons, weapons, guns, swords, uniforms and flags.

Display of canons in The Alcázar, Toledo


Wandering through the exhibition in like stepping back in time. You get to see the actual armour that knights used, and the actual heavy machine guns (weighing 15 – 20kg) from the 1930s civil war. There are details notes in both English and Spanish, and the exhibition is spread over the four large floors of The Alcazar.

Knight's armour in the Alcázar, ToledoKnight's armour in the Alcázar, Toledo

I could have easily spent half a day in The Alcazar alone, although we only had around 90 minutes. If you love military history, I highly recommend visiting the Alcázar in Toledo, Spain.

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