Edwin’s Top 3 Things To Do In Madrid

Hi there! As Mim & I travel around Europe, I’ll attempt to write about my top 3 highlights from various places we visit. We began our 2014 adventure in Spain, and Mim has already written about our time in Madrid. Keep reading below to see my top 3 recommendations for things to do in Madrid.

#1 The Royal Palace of Madrid

We’d initially seen the outside of the Royal Madrid Palace on our bike tour, and were curious to explore the inside. I’m glad we choose to come back the next day, as the inside is even more spectacular than the outside. Upon entering the main hallway and staircase, it is amazing to look up to the ceiling paintings.

Royal Palace of Madrid Ceiling

Each room we wandered through featured a high painted ceiling with ornate decorations, along with various paintings of Spanish royalty, tapestries and ornaments. The Madrid Palace has such rich history, and there’s nothing that can compare to it back in Australia.

This dining room was one of my favourite rooms, due to its size and beauty.

Royal Palace of Madrid Interior

Entry tickets cost €7.50 each. I enjoyed the Royal Palace so much that I’d highly recommend this as your number one thing to do in Madrid.

#2 Retiro Park (Parque del Retiro)

Gardens perfect for picnics in Retiro Park, Madrid

The Retiro Park is a large public park right near the centre of town. It features large open grassy wooded areas (perfect for picnics), as well as some amazing architecture and manicured, statue-lined promenades.

Retiro Park (Parque del Retiro), Madrid

I discovered it is perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll, and I loved the variety of trees planted there.

The buildings, including the featured Crystal Palace, were once used for royalty, but now contain interesting art exhibitions.

Crystal Palace in Retiro Park, Madrid

Art Exhibition in Retiro Park (Parque del Retiro), Madrid

Entry to the park and exhibitions is free, and in summer it’s open from 6am to 12pm.

#3 Watch a Soccer (Football) Match

Like most Europeans, the Spanish love their soccer (football), and we were keen to watch a game and experience the atmosphere. The home of the Real Madrid FC is Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, north of the city centre and easily accessible by the metro train. With a bit of difficulty, we finally booked tickets over the phone on the morning of a local match.

When we got to our seats and sat down, we had a ‘wow’ moment as we took in the size of the stadium, and the atmosphere from the crowd… it’s huge!

Santiago Bernabéu Football Stadium in Madrid

The skills of the Spanish soccer players were great to see. The crowd is lively and friendly, and throughout the entire match the diehard supporters were always chanting or singing.

Santiago Bernabéu Football Stadium in Madrid

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my top 3 highlights and things to do in Madrid. Please write a comment below, and stay tuned for my next top 3. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Brilliant! Sounds and looks great guys. Glad to see the sun is shining for you. Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Thanks for reading Ben! We’re in Ireland now, and the weather has managed to stay great.

  2. Excellent! I’ll definitely be doing these 3 things when I go to Madrid next March!

  3. Great to follow you through Europe. Keep up the info. Have fun & stay safe.

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