Lisbon Camping – A practical guide to camping in Portugal

As we travel across the country of Portugal in our little rental car we are endeavoring to experience the local way of camping. You will hopefully find this to be a practical guide, should you find yourselves looking to camp in Portugal.

We want to save you the trouble of navigating Portuguese websites and provide helpful tips and advice about the places we have stayed at.

Equipped with just a three-man tent, ground sheet, bedding and some basic cooking utensils, off we went. Keep in mind that we traveled in the month of May which is Spring and not considered high season.

‘Lisboa Camping’

Lisboa Camping Spain

Lisbon Camping is very easy to find on the map according to the website instructions but very hard to navigate to through the city. All I can say is good luck, look for the signs as you get close and don’t miss the multiple turn offs.

The location was not ideal because it is hard to get to and very close to a busy motorway that is very noisy. But if you get past that obstacle, Lisboa Camping is only 25-30mins from the top edge of the city centre and only 40mins from Sintra in the other direction. There are bus stops just outside the entrance, convenient for traveling into the city.

Lisboa Camping Spain

The facilities on site were not up to scratch with what was advertised on the website, probably because we did not visit in high season. The pool and sport facilities was vacant and run down, there was no cooking facilities and the area to pitch your tent is hilly and rocky with patchy grass. Perhaps Lisboa Camping seems to be more suited to caravans and bungalows.

The amenities block did have clean, hot showers and toilets (but they do not provide toilet paper). There are plenty of bins around, numerous outdoor power outlets you can use and the tap water from the amenities is drinkable. On site near the reception, is a low-key cafe and small minimart just for essentials. Only within this small area can you access the free wifi.

Lisboa Camping Spain

The cost was on the more expensive side but fair considering the close proximity to the city and it is the only camping ground in Lisbon. We paid 23 Euro per night for two adults, one tent and one car.

Lisboa Camping is situated amongst a pine forest, making it very sheltered and on a hill making it very windy. For a night or two it is suitable to stay so you can sight see the city or Sintra but we would not recommend a long-term stay from our experience.

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