Wirrina Cove Holiday Park

Wirrina Cove

Wirrina Cove is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula between Normanville and Second Valley, just 80 minutes drive south of Adelaide. Wirrina Cove is also known for its marina and golf resort.

But most importantly Wirrina Cove is an excellent place to camp! Wirrina cove cabins


Wirrina Cove Holiday Park

Why? Well, let’s start with that fact that you can have a fire all year round in the portable fire pits provided by the campground, which is a very unusual luxury in itself. Combine that with the fact that there are clean, hot showers to rinse off that smokey taint that you normally have to endure until you finally make it home.

Wirrina Cove Holiday Park, South AustraliaWirrina cove oval

Of course the scenery of the cosy valley, the autumn trees and the rolling hills made for a great back drop too. We also appreciated the lush, green mowed grass to camp on, the option to choose where we would like to set up our tent in the large section dedicated to unpowered camping, the friendly staff, the access to rain water and the already mentioned fire pit to cook our food on and sit around with friends.

Camping south australiaWirrina caravan park

The holiday park is great for kids who need wide, open spaces to play hours of sport on the oval. It’s pet friendly, and there are cabins for hire as well as powered campsites. Honestly, at first glance the park looks tired, but after a warm chat with the new owners it’s great to hear about all the changes and renovating that will be happening in the next few years. Check out their website here for prices.

So keep your eye on this place, as I am confident it will become one of the most popular places to camp on the Fleurieu Peninsula very shortly!

Wirrina Cove Holiday

Wirrina Cove camping

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  1. What a great place to camp with friends! I love the all-year camp fires! 😊

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