Camping Merida – A practical guide to camping in Spain

As we travel across the country of Spain in our little rental car we are endeavoring to experience the local way of camping. You will hopefully find this to be a practical guide, should you find yourselves looking to camp in Spain.

We want to save you the trouble of navigating Spanish websites and provide helpful tips and advice about the places we have stayed at.

Equipped with just a three-man tent, ground sheet, bedding and some basic cooking utensils, off we went. Keep in mind that we traveled in the month of May which is Spring and not considered high season.


‘Camping Merida’

Camping Merida Spain

We found Camping Merida easy to find. It was sign posted clearly from the main motorway leading into Merida, just 6km east of the town.

The location was close to the main road but the traffic wasn’t busy, allowing a peaceful stay. Being just a 5min drive from the city was perfect in allowing a quick trip into the shops and local sights including an impressive ancient Roman Theatre.

Roman Ruins Merida

Roman Ruins in Merida, Spain

Camping Merida didn’t have many facilities. While the showers were hot and bathrooms were clean (be sure to take the toilet paper into the cubicle with you), there were no cooking facilities. There was one washing machine at 4 Euro per wash, bins, grassy camping plots in rows separated with a few trees and rocks, and a few bungalows for hire (I cannot comment on these). Only one tap for drinking water on site and the pool was empty. On site was a small rundown café/bar, however we did not buy anything from it.

For the price you are paying, we thought it was only just reasonable. For one night with two adults, one car and a tent, expect to pay about 18 Euro.

If you arrive before 6pm, just drive in and find a spot and set up, then head back to reception when it is open to give your details. We did find the reception to be friendly even though they spoke no English.

Please comment below about your experience if you visit Camping Merida.

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