Chest of Drawers Makeover

Want to know how to do a chest of drawers makeover that is easy and creative? Try this to spruce up an old run down chest of drawers or recycle one you already have for the kids.

This chest of drawers was a freebie found on the street and it wasn’t in good condition. It had dried chewing gum on it, full of dirty drawers and stains on the surface of the wood but it was solid and the wood was raw. I saw it as a piece of furniture that I could apply some creativity to the design. I chose the mint green colour to match some decorative pillows I keep on my bed. 

For the supplies and equipment you will need an electric sander, sand paper 80, 160 and 240, cork block, paint brushes at least semi-professional, coloured paint (I used antique white enamel, mint green gloss enamel both from Bunnings Warehouse and some left over blue paint), painters masking tape, screw driver, medium paint roller and tray, thick wool, and optional: sticker letters.

Obviously the first thing to do is clean out the drawers, wipe down all the surfaces with a damp cloth and unscrew the drawer handles. Once you are satisfied that it is clean you can tackle the sanding.chest of drawers

Sanding the chest of drawers was quite tricky but it is important to do every surface properly as this will influence your final outcome when it comes to painting on a smooth surface. I tackled the main frame first so I removed all the drawers. For the flat surfaces I used my electric sander, I did one run each of 80, 120 and 240. The edges I needed to do by hand with a cork block and sand paper. Once I was happy that I had sanded off as much of the stains as possible I moved onto sanding the front surfaces and edges of each drawer. Once sanding is finished, it is important to wipe down all the surfaces to remove the dust before you begin painting.painting drawers

When painting it is a good idea to use a primer before applying at least two coats of paint with enough drying time in between. I used a paint roller for the large surfaces and the brush for the edges. The masking tape came in handy to put around the edges so the green paint didn’t drip onto the white painted edges. Don’t forget to paint the handles as well.Paint roller wool paintingTo get the random, striped effect I made sure everything was completely dry and then placed all the drawers back in the frame and laid it down with the chest of drawers facing up. Next I wound wool around the paint roller, dipped it into the paint and rolled very lightly. It took a bit of courage to try but I was really happy with the result. makeover chest of drawersdrawers paintingI strongly advise testing on some newspaper first. It took me about three goes to get the right effect. Either I didn’t use enough wool around the roller or a applied too much paint to the roller or I pressed too hard.drawer labels

With the left over paint in the paint tray and on the roller I decided to paint the side of the drawers after all with just one coat. For fun I also applied some stickers letters and painted over them, labelling the side of the drawers. Great idea for the kids don’t you reckon?refurbish chest of drawers

To finish it all off I decided to line the inside of the drawers with coloured contact paper. While I’m glad I did it, the contact paper has given me a bit of grief, as it hasn’t stuck too well to the wood. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for this please.

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