An Old Wooden Coffee Table

How I went about restoring an old wooden coffee table in just three days.

It was an old table left in the street as rubbish. Previously it has been very useful in my house but it was always hidden away because I didn’t have the time or motivation to fix it up. This furniture restoration followed the bookcase I did last summer. So with my new supplies and equipment I decided it was time I went about restoring this old wooden coffee table. old wooden coffee table

Here is how I went about it.

The supplies included an electric sander, different grades of sand paper (60,80,120,240), cork block, antique white water-based enamel paint, a tin of dark tinted wood stain, semi professional paint brushes, a clean cloth and a screw driver.

1. The old staining needed to come off so out came my little electric sander, this bit took the longest to do and took two coats of sanding just to get it back to raw wood. Then I had to do another two coats to smooth it finely, and that was just on the flat surfaces. The intricate pattern carved into the side edges of the table were done by hand and definitely tested my table makeover

2. Finally the legs needed to be detached from the main board, sanded by hand and then screwed back on (Im talking hours of sanding by hand just for four small rounded legs).dark wood stain

3. Next I used a clean cloth to apply the staining onto the top of the table. The cloth helps to apply it evenly and also used to wipe off the excess after several minutes of absorption into the wood. I applied the stain twice because I wanted a darker finish. I found this website to be very informative on the subject Wood Staining.

4. Lastly I applied two coats of white antique paint to the rest of the table with about 6 hours of drying time in between the coats, in the summer sun.

I am very proud of my efforts and the final turn out. I feel I have given new life to an old wooden coffee table again and I couldn’t imagine my lounge room without it. Yes, it was simple and cheap to do too.table makeover before and after

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