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Shark cage diving is a voluntary recreational activity designed to exhilarate and stimulate an adrenaline response from humans by swimming in a metal cage in shark infested waters

A Turtle we spotted on the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns

Cairns — you expect a tropical paradise complete with palm trees and sunny, warm weather. Because it is, after all, located in Far North Queensland! You may expect plenty of fancy resorts and beaches to relax on while the days float by. You may even expect crowds of tourists and the expensive cost of travelling to, Read More

vineyard barossa

Arguably the most successful wine region in Australia, the Barossa Valley Wine Region produces world famous wines. Keep reading for the things to see and do in the Barossa Valley including cellar doors for wine tasting, scenic cycling trails and the historic town centres that are at the heart of the Barossa Valley wine region.

Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary

Are you visiting Budapest for a short stay and not sure what to do? Budapest is a beautiful city with fascinating architecture set between the banks of the Danube River with lots to do and see. Discover three great things to do in Budapest.

Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau concentration camp was set in place in 1933, the earliest running concentration camp, set in motion during World War II. I recommend this history lesson!

Cardiff Bay in Wales

Want to see where a seal once lived in a public park, visit one of the world’s largest stadiums and see every boy’s dream medieval castle? Then come to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

bruges in belgium

Bruges, beautifully interlaced with hundreds of canals, a charming town away from the big cities and lots of beer, waffles and chocolate!

touring ireland

Not sure whether to tour Ireland with a coach company or by yourself? Helpful tips to know about touring Ireland and what to expect.

cassis calanques

The Calanques of Cassis is by a gorgeous sea-side fishing town. Cassis is famous for its Calanques, clear blue water and white cliffs.

Royal Palace of Madrid

We’d initially seen the outside of the Royal Madrid Palace on our bike tour, and were curious to explore the inside. I’m glad we choose to come back the next day, as the inside is even more spectacular than the outside.

Plaza de la Villa, Madrid

Madrid is a colourful, vibrant and lively city that looks as if it is always ready to party, and knows how to live. It’s a city full of colour, culture and history.

We chose to visit Santo because of the local attractions, and we wanted to try something a bit “off the beaten track”. We were exhausted by the end, but the amazing Millennium Caves Tour experience will stay with us for a long time.