Plaza de la Villa, Madrid

Madrid is a colourful, vibrant and lively city that looks as if it is always ready to party, and knows how to live. It’s a city full of colour, culture and history.

If tropical Samoa has ever enticed you as a holiday destination we would highly recommend it. Samoa is not just the amazing, tropical holiday destination you expect it to be but is perfect for offering genuine experiences, family adventures and romantic getaways.

We chose to visit Santo because of the local attractions, and we wanted to try something a bit “off the beaten track”. We were exhausted by the end, but the amazing Millennium Caves Tour experience will stay with us for a long time.

Deep Creek Conservation Park is a well known destination, popular for camping and hiking, just 108km south of Adelaide in South Australia.

If you are local and haven’t made a visit into Deep Creek Conservation Park yet I would highly recommend it. If you are an overseas visitor, this will not fail to impress you with plenty of Australian bush and animals to be seen.

Grampians National Park, situated in the middle of Victoria, is a stunning piece of Australia’s country side filled with Kangaroos, waterfalls, rugged mountain ranges and 360 degree views.

Mim and I were fortunate enough to travel to Vanuatu for our two week honeymoon in 2012, and we have memories from there that will remain with us for life. Vanuatu is a tropical island country located in the Pacific Ocean, around five hours East of Australia by air.

The Loch Luna Game Reserve is situated along the Murray River in South Australia. It is a decent 2.5 hour drive from Adelaide along the Sturt Highway.

Port Fairy is a charming fishing town and is a favourite get away place for my family to enjoy camping at the local caravan park.

For us, Adelaide is the corner of the world that we call ‘HOME’.