Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau concentration camp was set in place in 1933, the earliest running concentration camp, set in motion during World War II. I recommend this history lesson!


Hejnice, a quaint town located in the north of Czech Republic in the Jizera Mountains, with just 2,600 inhabitants. Just a half hour drive from the Polish and German border.

Cardiff Bay in Wales

Want to see where a seal once lived in a public park, visit one of the world’s largest stadiums and see every boy’s dream medieval castle? Then come to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

bruges in belgium

Bruges, beautifully interlaced with hundreds of canals, a charming town away from the big cities and lots of beer, waffles and chocolate!

i amsterdam

Amsterdam has more to offer than picturesque canals and the red light district. If you are not sure what to see do consider these ‘must see’s’.

A Day Trip To Bath, England

When taking a day trip to Bath, discover the warmth of the lovely building architecture and streets, dozens of boutique shops, and the ancient Roman Baths.

touring ireland

Not sure whether to tour Ireland with a coach company or by yourself? Helpful tips to know about touring Ireland and what to expect.

Paris, France

Want to find out more about Paris from a new perspective? Have you ever dreamt of trying the best ice cream in France? Can you guess what the famous Eiffel Tower was once described as?

A View from Marseille

Given the history and age of Marseille, there are many potential historic sights to see. However, it’s just as wonderful to take time to soak up the beautiful Vieux-Port (old harbour) atmosphere with a drink or two.

cassis calanques

The Calanques of Cassis is by a gorgeous sea-side fishing town. Cassis is famous for its Calanques, clear blue water and white cliffs.

day trip in lausanne

If you are planning a day trip in Lausanne, hopefully this guide will help you make the best use of your valuable time in Lausanne. Follow this guide below.

A nighttime view when backpacking in Barcelona

With only two full days in Barcelona, we had limited time there and had to plan how to get the best taste of backpacking in Barcelona.