Interlaken tips and advice

Interlaken is a small town in central Europe but very well known around the world for being a hub of extreme sports including sky diving and bungy jumping.

bruges in belgium

Bruges, beautifully interlaced with hundreds of canals, a charming town away from the big cities and lots of beer, waffles and chocolate!

i amsterdam

Amsterdam has more to offer than picturesque canals and the red light district. If you are not sure what to see do consider these ‘must see’s’.

A nighttime view when backpacking in Barcelona

With only two full days in Barcelona, we had limited time there and had to plan how to get the best taste of backpacking in Barcelona.

French Pyrenean

The French Pyrenees train is located in the French Pyrenees Mountains, on the border of France and Spain, is The Little Yellow Train. Locally known as Le Petit Train Jaune.

Royal Palace of Madrid

We’d initially seen the outside of the Royal Madrid Palace on our bike tour, and were curious to explore the inside. I’m glad we choose to come back the next day, as the inside is even more spectacular than the outside.

Plaza de la Villa, Madrid

Madrid is a colourful, vibrant and lively city that looks as if it is always ready to party, and knows how to live. It’s a city full of colour, culture and history.