This is a showcase of the wooden projects I have recently made. I’ve found I really love woodworking.

recycled timber table

Here is my photo journey throughout construction on this console table from recycled timber. I absolutely loved every minute I spent working on this and happy with the outcome considering I have zero experience in woodwork.

This old Garden Park Bench was being thrown out on the street. My husband saw it was in a repairable condition so quickly snapped it up for me to do a DIY. So here it is! I smashed this project out in the first week of my summer holidays and it didn’t cost very, Read More

Want to know how to do a chest of drawers makeover that is easy and creative? Try this to spruce up an old run down chest of drawers or recycle one you already have for the kids. This chest of drawers was a freebie found on the street and it wasn’t in good condition., Read More

Yet another freebie I was privileged to find and make use of. This DIY File Cabinet Makeover was yet another successful challenge.

How I went about restoring an old wooden coffee table in just three days on the cheap.

Wooden Bookcase Before & After

Keen to do a d.i.y. Wooden Bookcase restoration? This furniture restoration I found to be simple and cost less than I thought. You get out of it what you put into it!